This item is developed to repair both 1520 mm and 1067 mm track gauge wheel-sets of locomotives. The turning operation performs without preparation of locomotive.

The mobile truck moves along repair shop rails under locomotive with following positioning.

The truck is powered by electric batteries.

Wheel-sets of locomotive rotate by friction drives installed on the mobile truck. The rotation is performed by transmission via drive shaft system of locomotive. Friction rollers clasps to flanges of wheels to prevent sliding.


Frequency-controlled gear system provides smooth start of wheel-sets rotation and stepless turn control.

The mobile wheel lathe is equipped with 2 saddles. The turning process and wheel-set profile selection can be performed without changeover of equipment.

A Machine operator can control and oversee an overall process of the turning via the control panel.

Precision of the lathe positioning, saddles work, and performance of measurement devices are provided by non-contact transducers.

Data about performance of the lathe parts and devices sends via wireless network to the Tehstroy’s Service Department online.