Dawn of the millennium is the unbelievable period of development of railway industry. Nowadays, cutting-edge technology are everywhere, railways are not exception. High speed traffic has become an essential part of big-city life. Rail infrastructure is changing extremely.

State-of-the-art technology and modern machinery for maintenance of rolling stock are vital elements to develop railway industry.

New generation of lathes should fit such attributes as performance, output quality, environment and staff safety.

According to trends of machinery development in Russia and abroad, paying attention to servicing and repair requirements for railway vehicles, modern wheel lathes should be able to perform next requirements:

  • High precision of wheel-sets turning.
  • Ability to repair different types of wheel-sets without changeover of a wheel lathe.
  • Turning of break disks without changeover.
  • Full automatic process of the turning.
  • Automatic measurement of a wheel profile.
  • Automatic calculation of modes and turning parameters according to measurement data.
  • Displaying of work modes via the operator control panel.
  • Remote monitoring of a lathe via the remote monitoring system.