Сервисное обслуживание

Reliability of equipment depends on a timely maintenance and qualified repair of malfunctions. Therefore qualified servicing is our main task. To reach this goal TehStroy established the Service Department which is able to carry on the whole process of troubleshooting and equipment maintenance throughout Russia and CIF.

The Service Department provides to our customers next services:

  • Servicing.
  • Equipment diagnostic.
  • Post warranty service.
  • Free customer’s support.
  • Control of equipment running.
  • Delivery and reserving of spare parts.
  • Development of troubleshooting guideline.

Diagnostic of equipment condition

Diagnostic is a stand-alone service providing according to requirement of our customers. It’s a complex of works to find out conditions and reliability of running equipment. Having analyzed diagnostic data, our specialists develop final report with recommended measures for equipment recovery.

Our highly-skilled specialists with many-years’ experience are able to accomplish even the most complicated tasks in a short time.